Creative Learning Academy (CLA), formerly known as Voice Works Learning Centre was setup in October 2005 by Ms Dorothy Olga Schooling, Teacher of English Language & Literature (MOE) since 1988. Dorothy is the founder of Voice Works, an MOE recognized and approved English Language and Enrichment Course provider since 1996.

The core mission of our Centre is to provide Tuition for Weak & Borderline Students, to enable them to have a level playing field. Currently our Centre is run by Mrs Marylene Oen Gomes, Teacher of English Language (MOE) since 1986.

Besides Academic skills and essential study skills like Note-taking, Mnemonics, Visual Mind-mapping, Brainstorming and Time management to help your children, prepare for the year-end examinations, CLA also conducts classes and workshops on Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship to enable your children to have the opportunity to acquire new 21st Century skill sets, to enable them to become independent learners who are motivated and self confident students responsible for their own learning and Life.

With this in mind, besides using Creative teachers to excite and teach them, we also harness and utilize Technology to help your child understand the subject matter more effectively. In addition, we also use Educational games to help children build Vocabulary and Mathematical times table. Playing Educational games like Scrabble, Frog, Rush hour etc is fun. Through play, active learning takes place and this helps children learn and remember better. Active learning also involves hands-on experiential activities that we occasionally introduce to children to challenge and cultivate critical thinking skills.

Students must do more than just listen: They must read, write, discuss, or be engaged in solving problems. It relates to the three learning domains referred to as knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSA), and that this taxonomy of learning behaviours can be thought of as “the goals of the learning process” (Bloom, 1956). In particular, students must engage in such higher-order thinking tasks as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Active learning engages students in two aspects – doing things and thinking about the things they are doing (Bonwell and Eison, 1991).

CLA introduces your children to Creative thinking, Critical thinking & Entrepreneurial skills, thus enabling them to become College Ready, Career Ready and Citizenship Ready. Thereby giving your children, an “UNFAIR” advantage in life and School.

CLA’s philosophy can be summed up with a quote by Albert Einstein.

“I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” …because when we teach your children to fish, they eat for a lifetime and not just for one day.

Associated Company

Our Associated Company, American Academy For Innovation & Entrepreneurship Sdn Bhd. (Co. Reg. No. 947435-U), was incorporated in Malaysia on 3rd June 2012. She collaborated with Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia (YIM) and the relevant Ministries in Malaysia (MOSTI, the Ministry of Education, etc) to inspire and nurture the next generation of Innovators, Creative Leaders and Entrepreneurs in Malaysia.