Business Mission

21st Century Global Education’s mission and goal is for every student in the next generation to be successful in the 21st Century. Regardless of their academic ability, family background and/ or financial situation, every child should be given the opportunity to become the BEST that they can be.

We are dedicated to our mission of getting our younger generation passionate about S.T.E.M and developing an “entrepreneurial mind set”. This is because we have witnessed personally , that when we equip both our youth and girls with the right skill set and mindset, each and every child discovers their potential to become better and successful persons. Once they are exposed to entrepreneurial thinking, profound changes take place from within.

By acquiring skills like anticipating needs, innovating, creating, and taking calculated risks and developing this visionary, creative, and resilient mindset and outlook, they become more resilient and confident kids equipped for the challenges of today and tomorrow. No matter what they choose to become in the future, many walk away with the confidence in their ability to tackle challenges and vision to believe that “I’M POSSIBLE“.

21st Century Global Education is a wholly owned subsidiary of Creative Learning Academy Pte Ltd.