Ten years ago, when Kenneth and I first started our Centre, our core mission then was to provide Academic Tuition to students to enable them to attain a level playing field. Now, ten years later, we are NOT just teaching the Academic aspects but we are also actively involved in promoting and conducting Enrichment Programs to students.

The reason we are starting this Blog is because we want to share our passion with you. We want to promote 21st Century Education to one and all – parents, children, our teachers and our students. We believe that having 21st Century Skills are vital and important. In the current Economic climate of our modern world, merely having Academic qualifications, while essential is not sufficient to guarantee one’s success.

We truly believe equipping our children with these skills will give them an added advantage to succeed in their life, be it in School or their future workplace… but…

What skills do our children need in order to survive in the International Arena in the 21st Century? Are these skills a MUST- HAVE or are they optional?

All parents including myself want our children to have a good Education and be successful in their lives. However, unlike the days of old, merely having Academic qualifications alone is not sufficient to guarantee one’s success. Why? Simply because our World is changing so rapidly. As an Educator, I have realized that simply equipping our children with the 3R’s – Writing, Reading and Arithmetic is no longer adequate. Nowadays, Teaching is not about Teacher’s content, rather it is about Student’s thinking and giving them “ survival skills “ to prepare them for jobs that don’t yet exist, using technologies that haven’t been invented and solving problems that one is not aware of yet.

According to Tony Wagner, Founder and Co-Director of the Change Leadership Group at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the 7 survival skills needed for College, Careers & Citizenship in an International Arena are:


  • Critical Thinking and Problem solving skills

  • Collaboration across Networks & Leading by Influence (Team work)

  • Agility & Adaptability

  • Initiative & Entrepreneurship

  • Effective Oral & Written Communication

  • Curiosity and Imagination

  • Assessing & Analyzing Information

If we acknowledge this notion to be true , then to achieve this vision is to unlock our children’s / pupils’ Creativity, since Creativity brings with it the ability to question, make connections, innovate, problem solve , communicate, collaborate and to reflect critically. In short, 21st Century Skills demanded by today’s employers.

Too often, we give our children answers to remember rather than problems to solve.
Did you know?

Questions Start the Brain Thinking whereas Statements Stop the Thinking Process?

Optimal Learning takes place when:


  • People work in small teams

  • Teams share a common goal

  • Measurable goals

  • Active learning

  • Freedom to learn in own style

  • Receive intrinsic rewards

The single best way to grow the brain is through challenging problem solving” Teaching with the Brain in Mind, Eric Jensen

Thomas Edison, believed that every single child has the potential to learn and be Creative. Learning is an active process NOT a Passive one and people learn in their own way; be it Visual, Auditory, Tactile or Experiential. Once we can unlock this Creativity, the children will not just fly but they will indeed soar.

Kenneth and I not only believe in this but we have personally witnessed Creativity being unleashed with the children, young adults etc that we have worked with since 2011. The children etc discovered it’s not what you know but what you do . It’s okay to fail for by failing, they were allowed to succeed. They not only learnt, they become so excited, engaged, creative, problem solvers and innovators. Regardless of where they come from, they all became active contributors, motivated learners with creative confidence


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